Consumption of unhygienic food has created a worst situation in Pakistan. General public are unaware of food hygiene. Contaminated and unhygienic food consumption leads to severe health problems even death. Outside dinning and huge consumption of fast food has risen many serious issues regarding public health.

There are no such strict rules regarding food hygiene followed by eateries even some high end expensive hotels. Recently Punjab government took a good step and launched an operation against such eateries. And fined and sealed the eateries which were not working according to the sanitation rules.

According to a report, globally 2.2 million people (mostly children) die of Foodborne and Waterborne Diarrheal disease annually.

This is a serious issue to think about. Concerned authorities should work against such factors who are involved in such non practice of food hygiene and creating the health issues for public.


Karachi, September 2.