FAISALABAD-District Quality Control Board decided to send cases against nine medical stores to the drug court for cancellation of their licences for selling unregistered and unwarranted medicines and for not maintaining sale purchase record. The decision was taken during the meeting of District Quality Control Board with DCO Salman Ghani in the chair. The Board also decided to get the FIRs lodged against the three medical stores involved in selling govt property medicines and other heinous violations of Drug Act.

The board filed 19 cases against different medical stores checked by Drug Inspectors during the last month and found various violations about the storage of medicines and running without the qualified persons. During the trial, owners of four medical stores were given warning and directed to follow the Drug Act Rules in letter and spirits while two cases were adjourned for producing the relevant record and directions were given to deseal a medical store for producing record of sale and purchase of the medicines.

The DCO directed the drug inspectors for getting the FIR lodged immediately against the medical stores involved in selling stolen medicines from govt hospitals and their drug licences be cancelled. He directed that such medical stores immediately be sealed.

He said that stern legal action be taken against the medical stores selling spurious and substandard medicines. He said no violation would be tolerated in this regard.

He ordered to check the medical stores again and again to control the violation of the Drug Rules. The DCO took serious note over the pendency of renewal of drug licences applications and directed that the cases be disposed of within stipulated time.

The DCO said that the no medical store would be allowed to play with the health of the people and drug inspector should perform their duties with full zeal and passion to curb the sale of spurious drugs. He directed that the medical stores should follow the Drug Act, otherwise, violators would not be allowed to run the business.