BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang has expressed concern over rising temperature in the Indian-held Kashmir, hoping that Pakistan and India will work together to maintain regional peace.

At a regular press briefing held, he said, “We are concerned about rising temperature surrounding the Kashmir region, and hope that all relevant parties (Pakistan and India) can resolve differences through dialogue and consultation enhance counter-terrorism cooperation and jointly maintain peace and security of the region.

Commenting on a recent alleged terrorist attack reportedly happened in the India-held Kashmir region, the spokesperson said, we have noted relevant reports. We are shocked by this attack and express our deep sympathy and condolences to the bereaved families and the injured.

Asked about any impact on such incident on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Lu Kang said, the goal of the CPEC is to serve the region by facilitating better development of regional countries.

“Naturally, relevant parties are required to make concerted efforts to ensure a safe, sound and favorable environment for the CPEC. As has been said earlier, China has been following the tension in this region, including in Kashmir recently.

The Chinese government holds a position that all relevant parties can join hands to resolve these issues through friendly consultation and uphold regional peace and security, as this is in the fundamental and common interests of all regional countries, China, Pakistan and India included.