NEW YORK-Leonardo Dicaprio played Good Samaritan on Friday when he gave directions to an elderly couple in New York City. The Wolf of Wall Street star was walking along the Hudson River in Manhattan when he decided to offer his help to the pair.

An eyewitness tells, “He was walking along with a friend and his dog, just strolling and right before sunset and an old couple was looking around and he walked up to them. “It looked like they needed help. Then he pulled out his phone and showed them something... pointed them in the direction to go and they went on their way.” Photos of the encounter show DiCaprio wearing a newsboy cap and sunglasses to keep a low profile, and while some people still spotted the celebrity, the elderly pair appeared to be oblivious to the fact they were talking to an Oscar winner. The source adds, “People had been asking him for selfies but this couple didn’t seem to know who he was.” DiCaprio enjoyed his stroll hours before he headed to the United Nations headquarters to address the issue of climate change, something he has been passionate about for years.

He is currently promoting his new climate change documentary, Before The Flood, which will air on the National Geographic Channel on 30 October.