New York: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted the fast deteriorating situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir saying our support for Kashmiri people in their just and legitimate struggle for self-determination and Pakistan’s commitment to the Kashmir cause are absolutely non-negotiable.

He said Pakistan would not disappoint Kashmiri brethren at any cost and would keep on reminding the international community of its decades-old commitments that have not been honoured till today.

The Prime Minister urged the British Prime Minister to play her role in convincing India to stop brutal use of force. The people of Jammu & Kashmir must be allowed to choose their destiny and longstanding resolutions of the UNSC on the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people need to be implemented. India he added should not be allowed to continue its carnage of the Kashmiri Muslims.

His British counterpart, Theresa May appreciated Pakistan’s role in eradicating terrorism and extremism from the country. The British Prime Minister lauded the economic turnaround achieved by the present democratic government, achieving growth targets and putting the country on the development path.