Today, I woke up at 7:35 am. I thought, the school holidays are ending in two weeks. Which means, I can still enjoy a little bit more sleep in the morning before the school opens up again but mama is teaching University 100, and she cannot leave me home alone. So, I sit in her office, draw, write or reflect on life, and even even respond to students while she is gone to teach the class. She has not been given holidays between summer semester and fall semester. Anyway, my mind drifts away from her thoughts. On Sunday, it is independence day. So, this is my resolution:

I was born on December 9, 2004 to a Shiite and a non-believing parent of Sunni origin. That day, I wrote the history with my blood. I was their descent. They loved me and raised me above the differences of their sects. They gave me the identity, which was common to them both. They gave me the identity they loved above all, above the petty differences of their sects. They made me a Pakistani before making me a Shiite or a Sunni.

Mom said, “My child petty differences make you weak, and your family weak. They come in the way of making you a nation, and make your country weak. My child, do not let the differences break your nation. Love thy nation. And, remember above all, you are first a Pakistani and that is your only call.”  Pa said, “First love thee as a member of a nation. Rise above the differences to write the history of thy nation.”

I know thee loved me Pa and thee loves me Ma. I believe you and rise above thy differences to write the history of my nation. I am grateful; you didn’t make me a Shiite or a Sunni. O’ August 2016, remember, my hybridity is my privilege, as today, my new blood writes the history of my nation. I love thee Pakistan and I know you love me too and my jaan.

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 20, 2016