LAHORE - Days ahead of PTI’s march on Raiwind, a diehard force of ruling PML-N supporters yesterday showed its violent tendency by beating a man who tried to interrupt a government talk at Lahore Press Club.

It all happened during a press conference by Punjab Government’s spokesman Zaeem Qadri at the press club, when Abdul Ghani Butt alias Dullah Butt, the brother of notorious Gullu Butt, forced his entry through the gate only to find resistance by journalists and party workers.

Butt reportedly used harsh and threatening language against the security men when he argued with the staff for not letting him inside.

United under the banner of “Janisaran-e-Nawaz Sharif Force” (Nawaz Sharif lovers), the PML-N workers who aim to save the Sharif family from Imran Khan’s ‘tigers’, badly thrashed Mr Butt. The N leaguers accused him of supporting the opposition party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, and gave him a strong beating which was perfectly caught by the camera and forced the provincial government’s mouthpiece to wrap up his press conference.

The footage shows the PML-N stalwarts slapping, punching and kicking Butt, who unlike his brother did not vent his anger on the cars parked outside the press club.

After beaten and put down to the ground, police took Butt into custody and shifted him to the nearby police station.

As both sides had entangled in bad situation, the information reached inside Zaeem Qadri who came outside at the spot and leaving the press conference incomplete and controlled the situation. Later, in a statement, he apologised with the media on this unpleasant happening.

The PML-N force also disowned Dulla Butt as their worker.

Qadri was there to send a strong message the PTI for changing its plan of protest at Raiwind - an area close to Jati Umra, the residence of Sharif family.

“The PML-N will protect the Jati Umra residence of our Quaid, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, at every cost and for it we will not shirk giving any sacrifice,” said Qadri. He warned Imran Khan to stay away from the PM’s residence during his Raiwind rally.

Adopting a stern tone, the Punjab government spokesman said that PTI was being given time till only September 25 to hold its protest and wind it up by then.

“Pakistan is not only of Imran Khan but ours too,” he stated, warning the PTI not to compel the PML-N to cross the limits as the party workers were already furious over Khan’s anti-Sharifs remarks.

He also blamed Imran Khan for once again stooping low to criticising the leaders of ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

Qadri criticised the PTI chairman for, what he called, Khan forgot ‘political boundaries’ and made personal attacks in his speeches.

Imran Khan, earlier in the day, announced September 30th as the final date for the Raiwind rally.