Prince William has plenty of responsibilities, between his royal engagements and his fatherly duties raising son, Prince George, and daughter, Princess Charlotte. But the 34-year-old royal is also very devoted to his work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

William works as an emergency pilot, flying to accident sites to provide medical attention to victims in different parts of England. The Duke of Cambridge participated in a BBC Future special about his work with the emergency team where he got candid about his time as a first responder.

“When I put my air ambulance hat on, and I come here and I fly, I’m one of the team,” Prince William said. “Most of us here are ex-military, so we come from the same mold, and we have the same sort of very bad sense of humor.”

Though the hours can be demanding, William thinks the benefits outweigh the difficulties.

“It’s rewarding when I come here to do this job, and I look forward to coming here every day, whether it’s 5:30 or going to bed at 2 in the morning,” he said. “The shift work is still exciting, and it’s challenging for the variety. I love working in a team, and that’s something my other job doesn’t actually do. You’re more out there on your own a bit.”

William’s captain James Pusey, who was also featured in the special, praised the father of two, saying, “He’s very good with advice, as well, on parenting, dishing out some good tips.”

One topic close to William’s heart is that of children’s mental health, anagenda he has been pushing throughout his royal engagements this year, along with his wife, Kate Middleton. The Duke noted the importance of discussing some of the tough encounters his team faces when dealing with life and death situations.

“There are some very sad, dire moments and we talk about it a lot,” he said. “That’s the best way of dealing with difficult situations is you talk. You try not to take it away… but it can be quite difficult.”

To see Prince William’s rescue work in action, see him help up a fallen lieutenant in the video below!