By Farzeen Amin

There are more than 7 billion people all around the globe. This one world is home of thousands of species. All of us perceive the world in our own different ways. Just like the pebbles in sand there are few who would take the same glass as completely filled while others will perceive it half empty.

In those rare people was a little boy Jaan shair who lived in the a village named Shimshal of Hunza Valley, one of the coldest places in Pakistan. Shimshal is as beautiful as heaven. Jaan Shair got birth on 17th April 1994. Jaan shair started to visit the woods with his Father Gul shair when he turned three. Gul Shair was a common villager. Every morning after Fajr prayer both son and father would go to the woods to collect some good logs to sell. Jaan Shair always seemed upset in the woods. Gul Shair as he enters the woods starts to cut as much trees as he could. Jaan Shair on the other hand would sit silently on the corner. He used to turn pale and scared to death in the woods. Jaan Shair’s father started to notice his abnormal behavior.

On his 9th birthday, Gul came and sat with Jaan Shair and tapped him with love. Are you afraid of woods son? My boy they are of no harm to us, big boys don’t let anything scare them. Baba jaani if they are of no harm to us then why do we kill them then? Son they are just trees they don’t have feelings. Baba I hear them screaming in pain when you cut them down. They cry, their screams are so painful it haunts me father. What are you talking about, there is no sound at all see its so silent. This silence is the loudest scream baba. Whenever any human dies it becomes silent so are the trees.

Gul Shair could stop thinking over what his son said in the morning to him. He quit cutting the trees. Jaan Shair would still go to the woods every morning. He started to imagine life in the trees since he was three he made many drawings of himself with the little plants who are now giant trees and started sketching the nature. Most of his time he spent alone but never lonely.

Jaan Shair was very good at deriving logics of his own. Once his Mathematics teacher asked him why did you give me the empty sheet in exam. Empty I did not give you the empty sheet sir. You think I am lying he was so blunt, yes, certainly you are sir. The whole class loved his humor all the time. When the paper was opened there were no answers on it, Now see yourself Jaan that who is lying. With respect sir as you see my sheet clearly I have written all the questions moreover there are lines in the sheet already drawn, the sheet is not empty there are just no answers on it thus proved that you sir have blamed me with a big sin I haven’t done. Teacher would burst with a anger and whole class was turned red as they could not stop laughing.

He sent his first comic to a famous newspaper but they replied him that his comic was sad. He explained someone’s tragedy is the biggest humor for some others. He was concerned about the growing deforestation. He made famous comics where there are earth quakes and floods were drowning the whole villages and on the other side trees are laughing with happiness. A man asked in the comic, what is so funny? The same thing that made you Happy ,when you cut us down.

Jaan shair’s comics would make a person laugh and giggle but a while later people would realize that actually it was really sad. He put life in the trees by becoming their voice. Very slowly people started recognizing his work. He could not do a lot to stop deforestation in Pakistan but he lived a satisfied life. He believed that at least he did his  bit and best.

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 13, 2016