Ever complained about the lack of interesting educational stories for children in Urdu? You’re not the only one. Over the years, Urdu Language has taken a low priority for some teachers and parents while others feel stuck because of the inadequate resources available. Next Generation Innovations has taken a small step to remedy the problem. Toffee TV is a modern Cassette Kahani, a treasure trove of some of the best Urdu stories with illustrations that will hook your child’s interest. The application also includes fun activities and an Arts & Crafts section. The trial version available in the playstore will allow you to try 3 videos but you can buy the application for unlimited downloads. Toffee TV is a creative solution, one that addresses the need of parents and children today.

Sparkup Magical Book Reader

If you enjoy reading stories out loud to kids, but find the fact that you might not always be available (or inclined) slightly troublesome, here's a high-tech alternative instead. Just clip the Sparkup Reader to a book and read the story out once into its microphone. The device captures the audio for each page which kids can playback later. They'll just need to attach the reader to the book, and turn to the page they want read, to hear the recording. If you balk at the thought of yet another rendition of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the Sparkup Reader will take care of it for you.

Courtesy: techlicious.com

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 16, 2016 issue