VEHARI-District courts are faced with terrorist threats but the district administration and police are not paying attention to make proper arrangements in this regard even after many complaints, the District Bar Association said.

DBA Secretary General Masood Zafar at a press briefing here at district courts said that there are more than 750 lawyers working in district courts Vehari and attend more than 5,000 visitors but here is no system to frisk the visitors as per security guidelines. The District Bar has four different ways in and ways out without any proper picket to monitor the suspects. The bar president and secretary general have requested to the DPO and the DCO, many times, to improve the situation but to no avail. Resultantly, District and Sessions Judge Saeedullah Mughal has written a letter to the commissioner Multan and chief justice of Lahore high court, saying that the district administration has not taken the steps as decided in the meetings and termed district administration responsible in case of any possible mishap, secretary general revealed.

Sources said that multiple meetings of the sessions judge were held with DCO and DPO regarding security arrangements but nothing has been done yet.

Bar President Malik Shabbier Awan, ex-President Maher Sher Bahadur Luk, Kashif khan, Farooq Advocate, Asim Rajab Chishti Advocate, Ahsan Chaudhry, Waseem Joyia and others demonstrated with other notables against district administration and police department for negligence. They warned that if anything mishap happened the departments will be responsible. The lawyers said that protection of courts is the responsibility of the security agencies and asked RPO Multan Sultan Azam Taimoori to ensure security of the district courts.

9,315 Tonne Animal Waste Removed: The tehsil administration collected and disposed of 9,315 tonnes of animal waste during Eid days. More than 162 sanitary workers and managers were on duty during Eid days in 10 specially classified areas of city Vehari under the supervision of Muhammad Tahir Javed Sanitary Inspector. Separate areas were specified as a dump yard at 5-marla housing scheme. TMA Vehari had cancelled its staff’s Eid holidays. District officers inspected the arrangements made by the TMA to ensure cleanliness.

The TMA distributed thousands of bags in various areas of the city for the safe disposal of animal remains.

Camps were set up in each of the city’s union councils to address complaints. These camps had sanitary staff, machinery and transport vehicles, and supervisory staff to monitor the work. Complaint cell received 142 calls during the three days and 91 percent of these complaints were resolved, said the TMO.

A separate control room was set up to monitor how complaints were handled. Special cleaning arrangements were made for slaughterhouses, mosques and collective slaughter sites.