ISLAMABAD-The Indian lobby is not ready to accept defeat at the hands of Pakistani juniors in the World Junior Team Squash Championship 2016 held in Poland in August and using every tactics to dislodge Pakistan from the highly prestigious title, which they earned in style.

The reliable sources have confirmed to The Nation that despite Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF)’s open offer of conducting the age scrutiny tests of Israr Ahmed and Ababs Shoukat from six top level laboratories, the World Squash Federation (WSF), which is under enormous pressure of Indian Squash Federation, has been insisting the PSF to conduct x-ray tests of players in Malaysia, which clearly indicates that something is fishy in the entire matter.

“After almost destroying the career of Pakistan’s top squash player Nasir Iqbal, who was world number 35 when he took part in the 12th South Asian Games in India in February and is running from post to pillar to get justice, the same Indians and their cronies joined hands this time against junior team. It is highly injustice with Nasir, as after more than seven months, he is still waiting to get clearance or if he is found guilty than proposed ban,” they added.

How on earth would it be possible that Nasir’s test was positive on 7th and only after two days, his test was negative? It is crystal clear that the Indian lobby is behind all this and wanted to inflict huge damages on Pakistan squash, as the Indian players were unable to defeat Nasir in the court. The Indian federation is using dirty tricks, while on the other hand, the PSF is equally responsible for ditching Nasir and not contesting his case, which they should have done.

It is not about Nasir, Israr or Abbas but it is about Pakistan. The PSF must come up with clear stance, as they must understand the side effects of the age scrutiny tests, which the players have to bear. The radiation could have long lasting effects on the players, while the federation must also keep a very close eye on black sheep, who had no other agenda, but to inflict damages on the national cause. They are the ones, who are playing spoilers role just for personal satisfaction and playing into the hands of the Indian lobby. These culprits must be brought to justice and given exemplary punishments so that no one in future may even think about going against the country.

The WSF is pleading the case on the reports of a few certain journalists, which is not the right way. Israr and Abbas are playing at the junior level and have complete documentary proof. Israr have been appearing in Asian juniors, US junior and other events on regular basis. His age verification proofs are more than enough for the federation to plead his case.

It is the WSF inability to handle the case properly, as if they have any objections regarding age of certain players, they should have taken up the issue before start of the event like they did in the past. Why they kept on sleeping and also sending congratulations to the PSF on winning the title and why all of a sudden after almost two weeks, the WSF suddenly woke up and started using tactics to bring the players and federation under pressure.

When this scribe contacted PSF honorary secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz to know the federation’s stance in this regard, he said: “We are quite clear that we are a law-abiding nation and can’t even think about playing foul. We are ready to conduct age scrutiny test of the players, but Pakistan must not be single out. The WSF must adopt same rules and regulations for all. It is not justified to pressurize Pakistan, as we have beaten Egyptians in the squash courts in front of all. If anyone thinks one can blackmail us to get the desired results, let me clear that it is their big mistake.

“We have ruled the squash world and won a great number of titles. We know our responsibilities and we believe in rule of law in true letter and spirit. We are ready to cooperate with the WSF, but the world body should treat Pakistan the way, it treats others. Why are our players’ documents not acceptable to the world body, which is not according to the spirit of the sports? We just want same rules for all,” Amir concluded.