By Irsa Asif

In every country, youth is the most useful asset in bringing change or any revolution. More energetic youth forms more developed nations. The countries which utilize their youth in a right direction get more developed, creative and gain international fame .Young minds act as precentor in development of any nation. For development of any country youth must be given a huge platform to perform their role as a whole. Youth aims for a prosperous discrimination, bribery, poverty, unemployment free nation and hopes for better ways of living, political stability and freedom of speech. Hence, the entire success of nation depends on youth.

In present times, 63% of Pakistan’s population comprises youth which means huge responsibilities lies on them for the betterment of country. Young blood has many aspiration. Pakistani youth with high spirits can bring great change in Pakistani systems.

Youth of Pakistan if stay firm can bring a positive change if they find any platform for that. Basically it’s the time to payback to Pakistan .Though the youth of Pakistan is still under its formative phase, they have the ability to increase production processes, more improvement in education systems, our stable industries and political systems. Proficient Pakistani youth has started to bring more innovations and ideas than matured ones. Every day Pakistan came up with more youth creative ideas.

Today’s youth is more optimistic and have power to speak for their rights, they have freedom of expression. The unity among our youth has been observed in every turmoil. The rose against tyrants, foregin powers to protect homeland from invaders. After 2013 elections, the world observed our youth to be politically aware and more responsible towards their national duty to vote and elect the rightful ones. They came out for change against government for almost months. Some claim that their struggle did not bear fruit but on the contrary they were successful in creating awareness and importance of right to vote and elect their representatives.

Youth can bring change if they are allowed to do something on a broader scale, mostly youth is being neglected by mature ones based on the orthodox that elders are more sensible because of their more experience but now this is not the case, youth have raised their opinion on some issues which are of nationwide concerns but youth activities are not being supported by government, they seek proper guidance to bring real innovations.

Youth Initiatives

 Pakistani youth is playing an effective role in spreading education to slum areas, where parents can’t afford school expenses, some NGO’s consisting of young blood are also working for positive change in Pakistan .Youth can do something for children engaging in child labor. Youth ministry is here without planning and majority of them don’t even know what actually youth ministry is doing.

 Today In Pakistani media is more engaged with youth by  different ways like reporting, anchoring, media coordinator, news caster etc. Media is booming and ruling on every person educating about every aspect. Media can produce more platforms where youth services can be utilised. Through this we can also control the rising violence among youngsters because of no work, if the Pakistani youth will be engaged in productive work it will bring change also and our society will be saved from further destruction.

Published in Young Nation magazine on August 20, 2016