TOBA TEK SINGH - After the successful talks between the tehsil administration and leaders of power-looms and garment units’ workers on Tuesday, the hunger strike till death was ended by the six leaders of the workers on Tuesday.

They had started hunger strike till death on Monday morning and scores of workers also remained at the Chowk in the sit-in camp along with them. The assistant commissioner called the joint meeting of the leaders of workers and the representatives of the power-loom owners in his office where it was decided that not only 7.14 percent raise will be done in their wages but the owners will also pay their workers arrears with effect from July 1.

After the agreement reached between the workers’ leaders and the owners , the assistant commissioner reached the sit-in and hunger strike camp at Shahbaz Chowk and announced that an agreement had been reached and demands of the workers had been accepted. As a result, those who were on hunger strike till death ended the strike. Meanwhile, the leaders of PPP, Awami Workers Party, Jamaat-e-Islami and different trade unions visited the hunger strike camp to show solidarity with the powerloom workers .