“My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat, situation excellent. I attack.” – Ferdinand Foch

Rosa Georgiyevna Shanina was born 3rd of April 1924 and died in 1945. She served as a Soviet sniper during WWII, in which she was credited with 59 confirmed kills, out of which 12 were scored in the battle of Vilnius. Rosa volunteered for the army after losing a brother to war in 1941 and was represented as a front line marksman. Shanina used her sniper with such commendable skill and her shots were aimed and fired with utmost precision, and due to her lethal sniper skills she was described by a Canadian Newspaper as ‘The unseen terror of East Prussia’ in 1944.

Her skill was hard to ignore which is why she was rewarded the ‘Order of Glory’ and was the first female Soviet sniper to receive it. Rosa Shanina was killed on January 28 in 1945 during the battle of ‘East Prussian Offensive’ while protecting a wounded commander of the artillery. Rosa Georgiyevna had a love for writing too, which consumed her such that she kept a combat diary even though it was prohibited in the Soviet Military. An abridged version of the diary was later published in 1965. A woman in the military with a remarkable combination of a ruthless skill and another part of her, a creative woman with a stride to express- both form a deathly combo.