Ever since Soviet Union disintegrated following Afghan War, the balance that once existed when there were two superpowers has been disturbed. The Muslim World in particular has suffered innumerable miseries, humiliation and sufferings. It is perhaps the biggest cardinal sin of former military dictator Zia ul Haq, who played a vital role in fighting this proxy war to appease USA and help them avenge their Viet Nam defeat. 

Afghanistan has been engulfed in an endless war, its cities and towns bombed mercilessly by NATO allies in their quest to regain control of this country, which for centuries has fought every invader. Pakistan continues to suffer at hands of terrorists, most of them remnants of Zia’s legacy. Zia offered sanctuary to foreign fighters to fight US proxy war and they raised private militias, violating centuries old dictum, that State alone must have sole monopoly to use force, through disciplined professional militia, working under a constitutional government. 

Had there existed two superpowers, countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria etc would never have been disintegrated, nor Palestinians suffered humiliation and miseries that they are being subjected to. As for Pakistan it would have continued to receive ammunition required for its defense from USA, as long as India remained in Soviet camp. The disorder that World is undergoing will continue as long as balance is not restored and either Russia or China emerges as an effective super power to counter hegemony by USA. Who could have imagined that strong allies in Europe or Canada would have strained relations with USA, or right wing nationalists reemerge reminding us of Hitler. This is the bitter reality. 


Lahore, September 1.