New York ES - Jennifer Lawrence and her art gallery director fiance Cooke Maroney have been spotted at New York City’s Marriage Bureau alongside a small entourage including two security guards, a photographer and a friend.

Some speculated that the celebrity couple had officially tied the knot, though they might have been picking up their marriage licence for an upcoming wedding.

A source told Page Six that the photographer on hand was Mark Seliger, famous for shooting Vanity Fair portraits and capturing stars including Mick Jagger and Miley Cyrus.

Last month, Seliger shared a portrait of the Hunger Games star on Instagram with the caption “Working with inspired talent like Jennifer is never dull, nor unentertaining.”

Lawrence and Maroney confirmed their engagement in February and are reportedly planning to throw an extravagant wedding party next month - and knowing Lawrence, champagne will be flowing all night. She started dating the art scion in June of 2018.

Maroney’s father, James, is an art dealer. James and his wife Suki Fredericks just so happen to own Vermont’s charming inn Oliver Hill Farm, which is a popular wedding destination - so perhaps JLaw will have a Pinterest-perfect Vermont party.