After the First World War (1914-1918) the Nazi Party was formed in Germany in the year 1920. Adolf Hitler who later became the leader of this political outfit joined in 1921. It was a quasi military outfit that promoted physical fitness of its members. Its popularity increased over the years, finally coming into power in 1933. It led the world in Second World War finally perished after destroying both Germany and Europe.

Impressed by the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany, RSS (Rashtriya Swayam servak Sanh) was founded in the India Sub-Continent in 1925 at Nagpur by K. B. Kedgewar. It was a ‘National Patriotic Organization’ was membership was limited to believers of Hindu faith. It preached ‘Hinduvata’ which translates into a fascist Hindu State.

Due to its antidemocratic actions RSS has been banned four times. First by the British and thrice by the elected India governments. After the murder of Mahatama Gandhi the father of the nation this fascist outfit was banned. When Indira Gandhi imposed emergency (1975-1977) she banned RSS and then after the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in 1992 the democratic government of Indian National Congress (INC) clipped their wings. As early as 1934 INC which was leading the freedom movement in the Sub-Continent disallowed its members from joining RSS as it was considered a fascist organization which was considered anti secular and against a democratic state. Ministries who opted to stay within the Indian Union were assured equal status and rights which have now been denied by imposition of 21st century Nazism in the form of Modism.

Democracy and fascism cannot co-exist as they are the antithesis of each other. Most religious outfits usually do not fare well in politics. Janaat-e-Islami is a prime example of this poor performance. Learning from this dismal political performance, RSS span off a political entity by the name of Bharatiya Janta party (BJP). Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L. K. Advani both active members of RSS while Advani kept his links. Atal ji was unable to win a second term despite his claims of ‘Shining India’. He did travel to Lahore on a peace mission and signed a declaration as well.

Extended terms are harmful for democracy. Into his second term Modi has managed to take complete control of the parliament. Now he is in a position to pursue his dreams of ‘Hinuvata’ for which RSS his parent organization was formed. He has followed the ‘Hitler Road map’ of control of the state apparatus together with control of the streets through the party goons. Both of which have now been launched n the India Occupied Kashmir (IOC) with extended curfew in the valley. Effigies of Gandhi are being burnt while criticizing the policies of Nehru and Patel the founding fathers of the democratic Indian Union.

Through Modism, Nazism has taken control of the once secular, democratic state of India. Quite like Hitler’s Germany in the 20th Century, Modi is leading India on the path of destruction and fragmentation. The voices of sanity are being muffled.

There is a widespread belief that the ‘Spanish Model’ of religious cleansing is being followed in India through Modism. The Muslim Rule in Spain was over 700 years while in India it was around 800 years. There was a grand collation of Christian kingdoms that eventually took control of Spain followed by complete religious cleansing. In India, Jinnah entered politics as an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity but soon realized the deep hidden biases of the Hindus against their Muslim countrymen. His two nation theory has finally been vindicated. Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh are safe while in India they are being humiliated.

Coming from a Muslim League family we were warned about the possibility of Spain like cleansing of the Muslims in India. Finally the ugly face of Modism’ has taken charge of the so called largest democracy of the world. Europe had to pay a heavy price by not containing ‘Nazism’ in its earlier stages, India and the world will have to face even larger catastrophe if the Nuclear Armed ‘Modism’ is not contained before it is too late.

Fortunately, Pakistan is not a push over. Our defence is in safe hands. After the breakup of Quaid’s Pakistan in 1971 the elected government of Bhutto made a solemn pledge, ‘Never Again will we suffer such humiliation and defeat’. With its ‘Nuclear Arsenal’ also termed as ‘Islamic Bomb’, both Pakistan and Islam are being protected. The country played a key role in the dismemberment of the mighty ‘Communist State’ now it is ready to take on Modism and its fascist state. The PM is right, while we urge for peace, we are well prepared to fight till the last breadth. Like ‘Nazism’ perished in the 20th century ‘Modism’ will be history in the 21st. the evil Israel- India nexus is destined to fail, even USA the sole super powr of the world will not be able to prop this alliance. No pwer can succeed against the will of the people. Afghanistan is an living example of freedom loving people who have rightly earned the title of Graveyard of Empires’. Now is the turn of RSS controlled republic of India which is being ruled through ‘Modism’ which is the 21st century ‘Nazim’. Writing is on the wall:

Butcher of Gujarat in 2002 is Hitler of 2019.

The writer is Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation.


Through Modism, Nazism has taken control of the once secular, democratic state of India.