Economy’s play a very important role in developing a country. So that now population is increasing and that effect come on economy. However, that also must increase the economy not the population .in every year is being less in 2014 Almost 1287 million dollars and in 2018 they reached 385 million dollars. If a country economy be harmful this spread way absolutely it will get many issues. When 2014 the average of the poverty has been 70%so in 2018 increased 90% thus 44.7 come deficiency. 2014 the percent 31.7 and 2015 24.8 million dollars 2016 17.6 and 2017 15.3 and last year 2018 14.4 the economy becoming low but the poverty is increasing. The country which face to war then that face these problems which I mentioned so the country develop by the education and economic growth so they should plant seed of education and economy. I humbly request to the Government of Pakistan the leaders should work on these issues since they are symbol of development.