Lahore     -  Motivation on Progressive Education Network chief Omar Khayyam Sheikh has conducted a special session at the head office here on Thursday.

“We are active in 255 adopted schools in 15 districts to support quality education of 62,000 disadvantaged children,” he said. MPE is a non-profit and non-government organization.

“Social responsibility, corporate governance, high impact and radical transparency are our core values. We have a workforce of over 1,300 employees tirelessly working for our goal of enrolling one million children in adopted schools by 2025,” he said.

Omar has delivered is an esteemed motivational speaker and has delivered various inspirational lectures around the globe. He is a successful entrepreneur, Founder President of Association of Pakistani Professionals in New York, Founder and CEO of Hadayat Sons and writer of two books titled, Strategies of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Universalising the Primary Education in Pakistan’.

The audience was comprised approximately 100 regional, managerial and executive members. He laid emphasis on 19 Life Skills and inspired the people to value the opportunities given in the world.

The cynosure of his lecture was the locus of personality control, the practical basics of life, nourishment of mind and body, courage to deal with the adversity, failure and pain. He also focused on the spirituality and religious approaches.

He stressed on the hadith:

“Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability” – The Prophet (PBUH)

He shared his point of view on Circle of Concern vs Circle of Control with the audience. His lecture accentuated employee motivation to be a regular routine. It is believed to be a critical aspect at workplace.

According to him, the employee motivation always allows the management to meet the goals.

An organisation with motivated employees can achieve higher levels of output. He inspired the audience with new approaches for idea generation and practical applications for their work and he challenged them to get outside of their comfort zones.

In his concluding remarks, he expressed hope his team would turned up as the most motivating professionals.