LAHORE - Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan has criticized the proposed All Parties Conference (APC) of the Opposition parties as an attempt to protect their corruption and find more chances to plunder public money.

Talking to media on Saturday, Chohan said the proposed APC would lead to nothing but zero oblique zero, equals to zero. 

He said ‘the Rahzan Committee constituted by All Pakistan Loot Mar Association has finally managed to get together after struggling for over two years against Imran Khan on the agenda of protecting their own fathers from punishments over corruption, and to create more opportunities for the opposition parties to plunder public money, corruption, money laundering, nepotism and enjoy privileges on public exchequer’. 

He said Mian Nawaz Sharif was a convicted criminal and an absconder from courts who would have to face dangerous results if he tried to interfere in national politics by making a virtual address to the APC. Chohan commented that the proposed participation of Mrs Safdar Awan in the APC should be a serious cause of concern for the PML-N because in the recent past she had always caused complete failure and humiliation wherever she had tried to take control of political and legal affairs, including the matters relating to her father, uncle, husband, cousin and party’s political affairs.   

Dubbing the APC as ‘All Parties for Corruption’, he said these parties opposed the necessary legislation needed to tackle FATF-related issues only because they had failed in obtaining the NRO, and also raised objections on the clauses against the money laundering in the NAB amendment Bill, including the NAB to investigate the money which had become white from black, its authorization for such investigations and working capacities. He said the same NAB had found out the accomplices of PPP and PML-N in money laundering including the Falooda seller, Manzoor Papar-seller, Nisar Gull, and Masoor Ahmad. 

The Minister said the Opposition parites were calling their APC as the last resort after failing in all other attempts to protect themselves. 

He said the children of Zardari, Sharifs and Maulana Fazlur Rehman were trying to once again get the chance to acquire the public exchequer, but they would remain a complete failure and would have to face strict accountability.