The duty of a Lawyer is to represent his or her client in the court of law. But some people. having committed crimes, want to urge justice of their own choice, for that purpose they use their influence and even money. Sometimes they use their influence on Police and sometimes on Advocates and Judges. If they get their job done, so done, but if their offers of bribe are declined, they use some illegal means for getting their purpose fulfilled which could be abduction, torture and even murder of such lawyers. Astonishingly for several decades Pakistan has been a secure home for such goons due to prevalence of lawlessness.

Many Pakistani lawyers are under threat of such goons. Few days ago an Advocate Irshad Naseem was recovered from Depalpur, Punjab who had been kidnapped by some culprits for not fulfilling their demands, consistent with her statement she was asked to sign a blank page and was threatened to death if she wouldn’t fulfill their demands. So by denying their demands she got kidnapped. If we see the sooner history of Pakistan, we will come to know that she is not the only Advocate who has been victimized for being honest to her profession but you’ll find many advocates, who are under fire for not fulfilling their clients’ illegal, unlawful and irrational demands. 

Therefore, this increase of lawlessness has exposed the safety of persons. If the protectors of law are not safe how would a common man be? There is a need for strong actions against such culprits to save the lives of the legal fraternity.