LAHORE-Punjab Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Ejaz Alam Augustine on Saturday said that all minorities were enjoying equal rights in the country as elaborated in the Constitution of Pakistan.

Addressing the conference regarding social communications titled ‘Promoting Stories of Peace’ here at Rabita Manzil, he said that human rights were an integral part of every religion and today’s conference would spread the message of unity and harmony. 

The provincial minister said that Pakistan was protecting the rights of minorities and providing them with maximum opportunities to play their pivotal role in the national affairs. 

He added that the collective efforts required eliminating culture of intolerance in society. He maintained that holding such programmes was the need of the hour and all the institutions under the leadership of Imran Khan in the new Pakistan were taking important steps to move forward with a new innovation. 

Augustine said that today’s young generation needs to play a significant role in the field of education not only emphasising education but also understanding the teaching of ethics and love. 

Chairman National Commission for Social Communication, Pakistan Archbishop Dr Joseph Arshad said that the aim of the conference was to send a message of unity and solidarity to all Pakistanis so that peace could be promoted. 

He said that the overall objective of the conference was to draw the attention of all stakeholders to the freedom of religious minorities and their challenges. 

Other speakers also expressed their views and emphasised the special message of Pope Francis, promoting peace and love through education and praising the steps taken by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government for promotion of peace and harmony in the country. 

They also emphasised that establishment of durable peace, elimination of terrorism, religious harmony and freedom, respect of the humanity and tolerance could help get Pakistan rid of terrorism. 

Director Radio Veritas Asia Urdu Service Father Qaiser Feroze, Chairman Kul Masalak Ulema Board Maulana Asim Makhdoom, Rev Shahid Meraj were also present in the conference.