ISLAMABAD - The Parliamentary leaders of Opposition parties may soon hold a meeting with Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser to raise the matter about vote count during legislation on FATF related bills in the joint session of Parliament.

The main leadership from Opposition had expressed doubts on count of votes in the joint sitting of the Parliament during the legislation on FATF related bills. 

As a result of the count, 200 and 190 members belonging to Treasury and the Opposition respectively voted in favour and against the consideration motion on FATF related bills passed this week. 

Source said that the parliamentary leaders of opposition parties might formally raise the matter with the Speaker National Assembly in coming week.

They might move written motion in this regard in the National Assembly secretariat.

It may be noted here that the speaker office has clarified that the Speaker National Assembly being the custodian of the National Assembly conducted the proceedings strictly in accordance with the provisions of Article 70 (3) of the Constitution of Pakistan and Joint Sitting Rules, 1973 read with Rules of Procedure and conduct of Business in the National Assembly 2007 and without any bias towards any political party.

The spokesperson said the Speaker gave ample opportunity to the Leader of the Opposition, Parliamentary Leader PPPP and other movers of the amendments in the Bills. The Legislation was made in accordance with the provision of the Constitution and the Joint Sitting Rules 1973 and the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the National Assembly, 2007.

He said the Members belonging to the Treasury and the Opposition actively took part in the discussions in the Committees of the respective Houses and proposed various amendments therein which were adopted by the Committees and ,thereafter, passed by the National Assembly and the Joint Sitting.