ISLAMABAD-The Prime Minister (PM) Office giving its observations on appointment of Executive Director (ED) National Institute of Health (NIH) as National Coordinator (NC) Coordination Common Unit (CCU) to manage Global Fund (GF) has returned the summary to the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), The Nation learnt on Saturday.  

Ministry of NHS has proposed the name of ED NIH Maj. Gen. Aamer Ikram as NC of CCU despite the GF had expressed its concerns over the effectiveness of the programme in his previous term.

The letter written by the PM Office regarding appointment of NC CCU to the Ministry of NHS said that “Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination may attend to the observations of Establishment Division at para 9 of the summary and resubmit after doing the needful, through that Division, if required.”

The establishment division giving its observations on the appointment of NC CCU to the PM office said that Brig. (now Maj. Gen.) Prof. Aamer Ikram was appointed as Executive Director (BS-21), National Institute of Health (NIH) on deputation basis for the period of one year on 21st July, 2017 which was extended for the further period of two years that has expired on 20-07-2020 (Annex-II).

It said furthermore, Major General Aamer Ikram,  ED, NIH is in BS-21 while the post of National Coordinator, Coordination Common Unit to Manage Global Fund, a project post, is of BS-20. So it is not clear under which rules, the additional charge to the post of National Coordinator (BS-20), Coordination Common Unit is being proposed to the incumbent ED, NIH who is both in higher grade and on deputation. In addition, the said deputation period has already expired on 20-07-2020.

The letter available with The Nation said that establishment division’s OM No. 3/89/2004-R-2, dated 01-01-2005 provides that additional charge arrangements in non-identical posts should not be made for a period less than one month and should not exceed three months. 

However, it may be extended by another three months with the concurrence of the Establishment Division.

The letter further said that extension of such arrangements beyond six months shall be made with the approval of the Prime Minister. However, the tenure for granting additional charge of the post of National Coordinator, Coordination Common Unit to Manage Global Fund to Major General Aamer Ikram, Executive Director (BS-21), National Institute of Health (NIH) is not mentioned in summary. 

It also added that the federal cabinet in its latest decision in case No. 627/628/2019, dated 09.07.2019 has reiterated its earlier decision whereby it had been desired that the existing practice to entrust additional charge to officers be discontinued and process to fill the vacant positions in Federal Government be completed at the earliest.

The Ministry of NHS had again proposed ED NIH name for the look after charge after the Prime Minister (PM) office had desired to re-examine the five names shortlisted against the position by the ministry.

The Global Fund in recent communication with the ministry expressed dissatisfaction over the implementation of the programme working to eliminate TB, Malaria and HIV/AIDS and invoked Additional Safeguard Policy (ASP) to secure its investment.

The GF had said that “We are not satisfied with the role and performance of the “Common Management Unit” (CMU) and do not see the strength of leadership necessary at this level to balance the centrifugal forces of devolution and to enable provinces to build stronger and more effective programs.”