Police on Sunday have formed eight teams for the arrest of Abid Ali, the main suspect in the motorway gang-rape case.

According to Chairman Special Investigation Team, Shehzada Sultan, the teams of CIA, CTD and Special Branch have been constituted for the arrest of the main culprit, while rapid response teams are also active.

Shehzada Sultan further said that efforts are underway to arrest Abid Ali and added that so far two suspects have been arrested in the henious crime.

He added that hiding the identity of the rape-victim was essential and vowed to arrest Abid Ali at earliest.

Police on Saturday had detained two more relatives of Abid, one of the two prime suspects in the motorway gang rape case, who still remains at large.

According to the police, two brothers-in-law of the suspect, identified as Arif Ali and Sabbir Ali, were taken into custody during a raid in Kasur. Abid was in contact with both of them over the last few days, a police official had said.

On September 9, the woman along with her children was waiting for help on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway after her car ran out of fuel when she was forcefully brought out of the car at gunpoint and gang-raped in Gujjarpura area on the outskirts of the provincial.