KARACHI - Provincial Minister for Information Science and Technology Nawabzada Muhammad Taimur Talpur has said that the PTI government is using NAB for political revenge, the political use of NAB has been confirmed by the courts, after which it does not matter whether Nawaz Sharif is an absconder or not, the opposition is currently facing political revenge, and the opposition leadership is being implicated in baseless cases.

In a statement, the provincial minister said that the federal ministers should refrain from blackmailing the media and putting pressure on the media. Instead of being more loyal to the Shah than the Shah, they should focus on their performance. He said that due to the failures of the puppet government, the PTI leaders were facing severe public pressure at the moment, due to which they were now reluctant to go among the people and use baseless rhetoric to cover their dead politics. The minister further said that PTI leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi became a paper lion for a while, while standing among the people and criticized the Prime Minister for saving his life but when he reached home he apologized to the Prime Minister. Addicted to clinging to a chair, he is tossing between two millstones and is now in a pitiable condition. He cannot face the people nor do he has courage to tell the truth to Imran Khan.

He further said that the political leadership of the opposition in the APC would sit together and work out a plan of action to solve the problems of the people and get rid of this government. There will also be rallies and let the world know that this government has failed.

Mr. Talpur said that this government had dispersed the people and the people wanted relief while the government wanted to impose more burden of inflation on the people. In such a situation, the political leadership of the opposition is sitting together because it is important for the joint opposition to sit together.

He said that PPP want continuity of parliamentary system and in case of early elections the nation should be given a chance to decide again. The minister further said that bills were being passed in the National Assembly on artificial majority while the beauty of democracy was that the voice of the opposition should also be heard. At present, dictatorship had been imposed in the name of democracy in the country.

Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh General Secretary Waqar Mehdi has expressed grave concern over unannounced load shedding of electricity and gas in Karachi and warned the management of K-Electric (KE) and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) that they should forthwith end the nerve-writhing load shedding.

He termed the arrival of the Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly at the head office of SSGC for a tricky business of securing public sympathy was tantamount to throwing dust in the eyes of the people as ridiculous. The conscious people of Sindh, especially Karachi, were well aware that the Leader of the Opposition and his incompetently selected Federal government had done nothing for the people of Sindh devastated by the rains and floods. 

It was an open joke with the people of Karachi, said Mehdi, adding that the people had come to know and test such thugs.

In a statement, he said that unannounced 18-hour load shedding of electricity and 16-hour load shedding of gas in Karachi had made the lives of the people of Karachi miserable.

He said that apart from load shedding, KE was overbilling the citizens of Karachi in the form of average billing while the federal government had increased the electricity tariffs to the people already crushed by inflation. The increase in electricity rates will generate an additional monthly income of about Rs.52 billion for KE.


Mehdi has said that millions of people living in apartments and slums in the urban areas of Karachi and in the narrow houses of the villages in the suburbs were bubbling with the longest and unannounced load shedding of electricity and gas in the world of heat and confinement. The elected PTI President, Prime Minister and members of the Assembly had no sympathy for the people of Karachi as evidence by the recent sharp rise in electricity tariffs.



The PPP leader Mehdi has demanded immediate withdrawal of the recent increase in electricity tariff from the federal government and immediate end to load shedding of electricity and gas.