After torrential rains, Karachi looked like a river than a city. There were record-breaking rains this time, the heaviest in the history of Karachi since 1931, but when the word “governance” is mentioned, everyone’s attention is turned towards Sindh government as this word has been invented particularly for the Sindh Government. 

It is thought as if the in the whole federation of Pakistan, only the Sindh government is incompetent and rest of Federal Government, including KPK, Punjab and Balochistan may not feel the need to use the word good governance, as if they wash their roads with milk, as if everyone is living a prosperous life over there and all the development works are completed on time and their traders have no complaints.

Governance has become a problem, not only in Sindh but the whole of Pakistan.

Everywhere is hue and cry to reform Sindh , I will say it is sheer injustice and deliberately federate parties PTI and MQM’s ministers, MPAs and MNAs accusing Sindh government and giving threats of taking control of Karachi under Federal Government under Article 149(4), sometimes they threaten to impose Governor Rule under Article 234, and MQM’s old unreasonable demand of a separate Mohajir province purely on an ethnolinguistic basis, which comprises of Karachi, Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas. Recently they have initiated a new wave of argument to turn Karachi, which comprises of seven districts, into a one district city and demanding that Karachi be given a more authoritative local system.

This means they are busy in conspiring to occupy the control of Karachi by unlawful means with unreasonable tactics. I, as a student of law, will advise to the federal government to forget any unlawful means; they must perform their constitutional obligation to support and assist the provincial government in the times of severe crises and natural disaster. Last but not least I hope I will be not guilty of being termed Pro-PPP.