After months of not responding to our requests to take advantage of councillor access to their spy Kulbhushan Jadav, India has now proceeded to make an unreasonable request, one they knew would be rejected. Instead of availing the councillor facilities provided, India is asking for a Queen’s councillor to be brought in, or short of that, one from India.

The foreign office has rightly rejected this request, as it very well should have. This is just an attempt to delay the process even further and have reason to cry foul on part of India. Nothing in the whole episode has been to the Indian state’s liking—understandable because their man got found out—and it is clear that their disinterest and making impromptu requests is really the only option left to India, short of admitting that Jadav is guilty.

Pakistan’s narrative has been clear from the beginning. We had long called the international community’s attention to India’s attempts to foment terrorism in Pakistan. Jadav’s presence on the Balochistan border, the effects on his person, and his full confession leave nothing to the imagination—India was caught red-handed.

Pakistan is under no obligation to provide a Queen’s councillor; the International Court of Justice asked for a review petition and that is what is being granted. A spy that has admitted to murdering innocent Pakistani citizens should not get any further clemency.

India should try and practice what it preaches. Allegations against Pakistan are always based on the principle of standing against state-sponsored terrorism. Its diplomatic missions all over the world only have one trick up their sleeve; blame Pakistan for everything under the sun and obfuscate the Kashmir issue in the process. All of this happens on the international stage while their Prime Minister makes gleeful public speeches about using terrorism in Pakistan as a successful strategy. India must stop lying to the international community. This request won’t deny the mountain of proof against Jadav and his handlers. A Royal Councillor will not be provided.