Minister assures Faisal of fixing Edhi centres’ problems

KARACHI – Sindh Minister for Information, Labour, Mass Transit and Transport Syed Nasir Hussain Shah Tuesday visited the residence of renowned social worker late Abdul Sattar Edhi, in Kharadar/Mithadar, where he met his son Head of Edi Foundation Faisal Edhi.

He remained with him for some time and inquired about the recently occurred issue of encroachment over Edhi Centre properties in various parts of province.

After meeting with Faisal Edhi, talking to media, Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah lauded the services of Edhi Foundation and Faisal Edhi for the welfare and well being of the humanity at larger scale. Due to which PPP and the Sindh government is extending all possible cooperation and assistance to him every time at any time, the minister added.

He further said that when such issue was happened, PPP central leadership took notice of it and promptly respond and approach the him, in this regard, had issued the instructions to the respective Divisional and district administration for examining the matter on priority and send detailed report of the same.

“We are continuously in contact with him, even today the CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali shah also talked and close contact with him, resolved the matter of Larkana and Hyderabad, as far as the Thatta issue, it would be resolved very soon due to matter was in court and all revenue record had been collected and revisited with minutely to ascertain the facts accordingly, as such revenue record had been destroyed/ burnt during 2007 General Elections, but all legal and morally support would also be given to Faisal Edhi in this context to pursue the court matter and it would be resolved,” he held.

He assured that as far as the Balochistan issue, Sindh CM will also approached Baluchistan CM for resolving the issue and extending help and cooperation to him.

Faisal Edhi while thanking the Nasir Shah and Government of Sindh and PPP said that they are constant touch with him. Issue of Larkana had been resolved as far as Hyderabad, the issue of 17/18 families who resided in that properties, Government may given them substitute accommodation, we would pay them Rs 2lac each, if the government will do that.

Thatta and other place issues will also be resolved as the matter in the court, it would be resolved accordingly. He said that Baluchistan issue, Rangers and FC had also collected the documents and it would probably resolved and will have a positive resolution, he added

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