‘Safe University’ rally held at SU main campus

HYDERABAD – Scores of students of University of Sindh Jamshoro Tuesday took out a rally along with male students, faculty members, officers and employees to declare the university a ‘Safe Campus’.

According to university spokesman, this declaration was voiced vociferously by the university girl students in the rally which brought out from Mausoleum of Allama II Kazi to Central Library. Their class and batch fellows, male and female leadership of teachers, pro-vice-chancellors of university campuses, deans of various faculties, academic and administrative heads, officers and employees of the varsity also accompanied them.

Chanting slogans ‘Sindh University – Safe University’ and ‘We respect our teachers’, the girls showed their trust and confidence in their teachers.

Addressing the participants, the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat said that participation of large number of girl students in the rally had dispelled all doubts as regards the clear character, matchless calibre and enviable ethical bearing of SU faculty.

“Today I count myself blessed to witness firsthand the unflinching fervour and heightened passion of the university girls by which they have come out on the roads to bear out the unquestionable character of their teachers”, he pleaded.

The Vice Chancellor observed that he categorically condemned all misperceptions as to the character of university teachers and gender vulnerability of the varsity terming it ‘a conspiracy, a part of the propaganda to malign varsity’s image and thwart his reform agenda.

“The disgruntled elements against whom I have initiated reform action and those whose prospects of corruption I have plugged, have joined hands as an unnatural union of convenience to come against me and the genuine interests of the Alma Mater”, he urged.

Dr. Burfat said he considered his duty as a sacred mission, thought of SU students, as his own offspring and would not even for a fraction of a second hesitate to go to any length to protect the interest of his students and the university.

Citing growing number of girl admission aspirants for admission to university for 2018, the Vice Chancellor said the public trust in varsity was continually on the rise. “This rise proves girls consider SU the best and the safest option”, he argued and called upon all present to join ranks to foil nefarious designs of the enemies of the varsity.

The Pro Vice Chancellor SU Thatta Campus Prof Dr Sarfaraz Hussain Solangi in his speech on the occasion termed the recent wave of generalized accusations against SU as unfair defamation of a worthy institution, known for its service and excellence for decades.

The Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo said that University of Sindh was an excellent seat of higher learning in the world and that they would leave no stone unturned to save its rightful repute. The Dean, Faculty of Education Prof Dr Saleha Parveen called social media hype ‘baseless and wrong’.

The President SUTA Dr Azhar Ali Shah remarked that the content uploaded on the social media in the backdrop of recent development at the campus was absurd, misplaced, ill-motivated unleashed by certain subversive elements for their petty vested interests. He said such unchecked release of wrongful content qualified for cyber crime procedures and penalties.

The Chairperson, Department of Philosophy Amar Sindhu said that the ill-intended media trial of SU must be stopped forthwith. She said no one was above law; but it also was a part of the law to wait for the probe to complete and for the facts to emerge. She said the entire media development was a part of the plot to prevent girls of Sindh from seeking higher education which needed to be nipped in the bud.

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