JI says those joining PSP selling old wine in new bottle

KARACHI – The kings of China-cutting cannot resolve the civic issues of Karachi, and they cannot befool the Karachiites anymore by selling the old wine in new bottles, said Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman here on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference at the Idara Noor-e-Haq, he said the ongoing tussle between different factions of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) was a fixed match staged to divert the attention of Karachiites from the real issues. He added these tried and tested elements could not give anything positive to this city and its people.

He further said the best available alternate political leadership could be provided by the JI, which, he claimed, was capable of addressing the fostering wounds of this city and weaning it away from pitched darkness towards the shining lights. He said the old people have once again raised their hands to befool the Karachiites, but this time they could not sell the old wine in new bottles, as people of this city have now fully recognised them.

He said the politics of hatred and ethnic polarization had given nothing to Karachi, save deprivation, hopelessness and destruction.

The JI chief said this dark politics of the last 34 years had pushed Karachi to a blind alley. “Karachi has to leave this blind alley behind for good and rejoin the mainstream politics, as this was the only way to progress and prosperity,” he asserted.

He said Karachi and its 2.5 million people had been facing numerous civic issues for long, but those responsible to resolve these were themselves embroiled in petty disputes, and ultimately the Karachiites have to suffer the loss.

He said roads and streets are potholed, gutters were overflowing while garbage hills were growing in every locality.

Naeem asked where were 25 MNAs, 52 MPAs and eight senators of MQM-P who had got votes from people of the city.

He asked where the funds of these elected representatives were being spent.

He said the MQM would have to tell the Karachiites what service it had rendered for the mega city during the last 34 years.

Naeem said these people were now eager to become turncoats and were changing parties instead of serving their voters. “One year has already passed, but the local government institutions have failed to deliver to the people,” he said, and added, “The slogan of “our own mayor” has now proved to be a big farce.”

He said it was unfortunate that these people were now trading blames with the provincial government over lack of powers and money and trying to prove their innocence. He regretted that the federal government is also reluctant to release the funds for the Karachi Package. He asked the government to own this orphan city, which provided 70 percent revenue to this nation.

He said though the JI is not in power, nevertheless, it continues to fight for the rights of people of Karachi. He said we have always raised the loudest voice against injustice. He said the credit goes to the JI to unveil the real face of the K-Electric (KE). He said we have always fought the case of the Karachiites bravely on every available forum and continue to do so.

He said the JI has already started a massive mass-contact drive in Karachi and people are joining the party to get their issues resolved. He said we have already set up public aid committees at central, district and zonal level and they have opened offices to get resolved the lingering civic issues of citizens.

JI secretary information Zahid Askari, Raja Arif Sultan, Salman Sheikh and others were present on the occasion.





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