JI seeks new provinces, end to corruption

MULTAN-Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has demanded that the government set up a separate province in light with the aspirations of the residents of South Punjab region.
He added that the demand for Bahawalpur province should also be honoured. “The residents of South Punjab must be given their rights,” he added while addressing a big rally organised by Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT), student wing of JI, on Bosan Road on Wednesday. The rally, held under the banner of “Elimination of Corruption in Education” begun from Bahauddin Zakariya University and ended at Education College.
Criticising the rulers, he said that the powerful ruling class committed money laundering to the tune of $400 billion every year. “Then they seek loans from IMF and World Bank, who get their policies implemented in Pakistan through these rulers in return,” he maintained. “Our ideological and educational system was being attacked by seculars and atheists while America and India hatch conspiracies against our independence.”
He said that the corrupt rulers had deviated from the ideology of Pakistan. He said that education was a basic right of every human being and the facility be offered to every individual on the basis of equality. He warned that Pakistan would lag behind in the race of development if education budget was not increased. He demanded the government introduce uniform syllabus and lift ban from student unions.
“If a young boy can cast his vote at the age of 18 why he is barred from developing his leadership capabilities in educational institutions? It’s a conspiracy to keep the leadership from middle class away from national politics,” he claimed. He said that he was proud of IJT as it launched drive for the protection of Khatam-e-Nubuwwat and got the issue settled forever.
He pointed out the prices of petroleum products plunged in international market but Pakistani government increased the rates, crushing the backbone of the poor. He added that the masses were facing serious financial crisis due to unemployment and price hike, asking the government to immediately withdraw increase in petroleum prices.

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