Accidents on rise, wardens on education drive

LAHORE –  Two college boys who died in a car crash on Abdul Sattar Edhi Road were buried separately in Lahore amid tears and traffic awareness on Thursday.

Mian Umair Shaukat and Ahmad Farooq were killed and their friend wounded critically when the car upturned on a road near Thokar Niaz Baig late Wednesday night. Police said both the boys died on the spot while the third was shifted to hospital in serious condition.

Rescue workers used cutters to pull out bodies from the car that badly damaged during the crash. An eyewitness told the police that the accident took place because of over-speeding.

“Apparently, the driver lost his control over the car that turned turtle. The accident took place after midnight amid thin traffic. They were driving in high speed,” says Road Safety Officer Mukarram Shabbir, who attended the funeral prayers of the latest victims of road accidents.

In Lahore, city traffic officers are taking part in the funeral prayers of victims of road accidents, as part of an education drive called “Accident Victim Support Program” to sensitize motorists about road safety measures. The move comes after the city traffic police department noticed a rise in fatal accidents in this sprawling metropolis.

The funeral prayers for Ahmad Farooq were held at West-Wood Colony while Umair Shaukat was buried at graveyard in the DHA on Thursday afternoon. Hundreds of people including relatives of the victims attended the prayers.

Some relatives of the victims were seen in tears as the bodies were brought back home before burial. Also, traffic officers shared information about the accident with the victims’ families and urged citizens to follow traffic laws by adopting road safety measures.

Chief Traffic Officer Rai Ijaz Ahmad says that most of accidents took place because of a minor mistake on part of the driver. “Careless driving is also a reason. The drivers must be vigilant and active. The traffic education drive will help us control fatal accidents on city roads,” the CTO said.

The traffic police last month launched “Accident Victim Support Program” in a bid to help victims of road mishaps with quick response to shift the injured persons to hospitals. The traffic officers visit hospitals to inquire after the injured besides presenting them flowers and pamphlets.

As per this awareness drive, traffic wardens and road safety officers attended funerals of accident victims. They also express condolence with the families of the deceased. Earlier, these Road Safety Officers were given special training by Turkish traffic experts in Lahore so that they would be able to help victims of accidents on road.


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