Experts highlight Green Chemistry’s role to cure diseases

SARGODHA – The speakers of a two-day National Symposium on Emerging Trends in the Extraction of Plant Bioactivities for Nutra-pharmaceutical Developments highlighted the functions of Green Chemistry to eradicate the cureless diseases.

The symposium concluded at University of Sargodha (UoS) with the participation of esteemed renowned scientists, researchers and scholars across the country on Thursday. The symposium was organised by Department of Chemistry (UoS) under the Auspices of Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The participants focused on Green Extraction of Plant Bioactivities for High-Quality Nutra-pharmaceutical designs of sustainable and green extraction of PNPs of research I multidisciplinary sciences. In near future, green chemotherapy will enable the treatment of cureless diseases, pledged scientists and researchers.

Extraction of plant bioactivities is key step towards exploring their nutraceutical and medicinal applications, they maintained. A leading scientist in the field of analytical chemistry Dr Iqbal Bhanger stressed that traditional methods were mostly time consuming and require relatively large quantities of volatile solvents.

He was presenting on the theme of recent trends in extraction and utilisation of plants oils. He also highlighted the role of recent technologies including microwave-assisted extraction, ultrasound assisted extraction, supercritical fluid extraction and subcritical water extraction for efficient recovery of plant oils with high nutraceutical and functional food value.

A distinguished Pharmacologist of Pakistan Council for Sciences and Technology, Dr Anwarul Hassan Gilani presented his views on plant bioactivities for the development of nutra-pharmaceuticals. He emphasised on potential of selected high-value natural products from plant sources for the development of nutra-pharmaceuticals.

A renowned medicinal and director of Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, Islamia University Bahawalpur Dr Shazia Anjum presented his ideas regarding scientific description of traditionally used anti-diabetic plants from Cholistan Desert.

Vice Chancellor of University of Sargodha Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed was the chief guest of the national symposium. He said while addressing the audience, “Every department is modernising in the digital age and for the survival we must match the obligations of the new era. We should retain our history in order to preserve our valuable assets. Our scientists have the natural abilities and skills to fabricate successes in the field of science and this symposium with its outcome is the model of their capacities.”

The vice chancellor congratulated the Dean Faculty of Science and the Chairmen Department of Chemistry on the successful symposium. Dean faculty of science Dr Nazra Sultana and chairmen Department of Chemistry Dr Farooq Anwar expressed gratitude on the participation of leading scientists, researchers and scholars.

In the end, Memorial shields were distributed to the participants of the two day national symposium. scientists, researchers and scholars across the country including Dr Shazia Anjum, Dr iftikhar Ali, Dr Muhammad Arshad, Dr Syed Ali Raza, Dr Alamgir, Dr Humera Yasmin, Dr Abdul Rauf Raza, Dr Mushtaq Ahmed, DR Amir Ja were also present.

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