DAP off-takes show high growth

LAHORE – During September 2017, total DAP off-take clocked in at 3,84,000 tons, marking tremendous growth against 83,000 tons in the last month. Looking at the wider picture, total DAP sales for 9MCY17 have also shown good improvement (1,339K tons; +44pc YoY) as compared to SPLY (929K tons).

Looking on the company wise basis, FFC topped the list with a massive surge in DAP off-take of 12.82x MoM, clocking in at 165K tons in September 2017 versus 12K tons in the previous month. Similarly, FFBL and EFERT DAP sales have also soared by 3.05x and 1.47x MoM, respectively. This astronomical surge in DAP sales during Septemebr 2017 have been on account of seasonal increase in demand of DAP because of the beginning of the Rabi season, and the reduction in sales tax to fixed Rs 100 per bag.

With the Kharif season reaching its end, demand has gone down substantially for urea. During Septemebr 2017, total urea off-take clocked in at 179K tons (-81pc MoM) as compared to 948K tons in August 2017, with FFC, EFERT and FFBL posting dispatches of 51K (-86pc MoM), 64K (-81pc MoM) and 25K (-68pc MoM) tons, respectively.


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