AJK president salutes Iqbal

MIRPUR (AJK) – AJK President Sardar Masood Khan uttered his attachment and praised the visualizer of Pakistan, the great poet of East Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal in a statement issued on Wednesday – on the birth anniversary of the poet-philosopher being observed Thursday (today).
The President applauded the philosophy of Dr Iqbal, saying that Allama Iqbal was also a legal expert and perceptive person, moreover, being a great poet and philosopher. He maintained that Iqbal always prodded the Muslims to work hard and develop self-esteem; consistent with his philosophy, Kashmiri before the independence of Pakistan annexed themselves with Pakistan through historic resolution.
Allama Iqbal was concerned about Kashmir in Dogra regime and mentioned their restlessness in his rhymes, the President said, adding that Iqbal wrote about Kashmir in Persian and Urdu languages and also foresighted the gesture for freedom.

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