Kenyan woman gives birth to rare quintuplets

NAIROBI: A Kenyan woman gave birth to naturally-conceived quintuplets on Sunday, however the first two baby boys died shortly after being born in a small town in the west of the country. There is a one in 60 million chance of a mother falling pregnant with five babies, without hormone treatment, experts say. The mother, Jacintah Akinyi, 30, “started delivering at home. By the time she arrived at this hospital, she had two babies that had passed on,” said John Malago, director of the hospital where she was admitted. She further gave birth to two girls and a boy, who were doing well. All the babies weigh between 1.6 and 1.9 kilogrammes.–AFP

Malago said the woman had not consulted with any doctors throughout her entire pregnancy.

Akinyi is already the mother of four children, and lost a fifth in an earlier pregnancy.

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