LHC slams Punjab Govt for not taking steps against smog

Lahore High Court (LHC) slammed Punjab government and Secretary Environment for not taking any measures against smog in the province. 

The top court had summoned secretary for Punjab government today. 

During a hearing Chief Justice Lahore High Court remarked that authorities have not taken a single step to tackle serious issues of smog. 

“Nothing has been done except having tea during the meetings,” Chief Justice remarked. 

On question of any steps taken, secretary told the court that department has been taking regular readings of the smog and sending information to the provincial government. 

Upon this the court against asked about any solid measure being taken against this air pollution issue. 

The smog has blanketed cities across Punjab mainly capital Lahore for last few weeks. This has resulted in difficulties in daily lives for citizens as well as diseases like cough, throat infection, eye infection and heart issues. 

The government has even changed school timings due to smog. 


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