Shehbaz for accountablity of past rulers

LAHORE – Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that transparency, quality and speedy work on development projects are hallmarks of the Punjab government.

“The government has promoted a culture of timely and qualitative completion of development projects. The projects of public welfare have been completed with speed to ensure facilities to people,” the chief minister said while talking to PML-N legislators here on Monday.

The chief minister said that work for development and prosperity would continue and people of Pakistan would bury the negative politics in the general elections of 2018 forever. He said the journey of development had not been stopped despite the negative politics of sit-ins and lockdowns. He said that those claiming to lay down foundations of a new Pakistan through hollow slogans had sowed a sense of deprivation among people and conspired to obstruct the journey of national development. He said that politics of defeated elements was based on deceit, baseless allegations and mendacity. “It is unbecoming of the politician, who has taken U-turns and set world record of speaking lies, to talk about change and making a new Pakistan while standing with the elements who have plundered the poor nation by getting loans worth billions of rupees written off. These are the elements who tried to divide the nation at every level but people foiled their every conspiracy through the power of unity,” he said.

Shehbaz said that corrupt rulers of the past would have to be held accountable for plunging the nation into darkness and weakening the country by plundering its resources. He said the elements who were involved in loot and plunder in the name of development did injustice to the poor nation. Instead of setting up electricity generation projects, he said, they showed criminal negligence and delayed energy projects. The nation has not forgotten the mega corruption scandals of the past corrupt rulers, he said. “Every day of those rulers started with a new corruption scandal. Those corrupt rulers robbed the poor people of their rights by violating merit and promoting corruption and nepotism,” he said.

“Credit goes to the PML-N government, which has wriggled the country out of crises. The country was earlier caught in the quagmire of problems due to wrong policies of the previous rulers. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is the name of a political philosophy working for public welfare. Over the last four years, people have been served diligently. A self-reliant, prosperous and strong Pakistan is our destination and the PML-N has worked with tremendous zeal and hard work to achieve this goal,” he said.

The chief minister said Pakistan was about to achieve its destination as a result of sincere efforts of the PML-N government. “The PML-N has moved the country towards development after ridding it of problems. The PML-N made the country an atomic power and it will make Pakistan an economic power as well,” he said. The chief minister said that a composite strategy was adopted for a balanced development during the last four years and under this strategy development of rural areas was given importance. He said a network of development projects had been spread in urban as well as rural areas. He said that billions of rupees saved from mega projects had been utilized on healthcare schemes. He said that Pakistan Liver and Kidney Transplant Institute was a state-of-the-art initiative, which would provide best healthcare facilities to patients of kidney and liver after its completion.  Similarly, he said, a revolutionary scheme had been started to provide the facility of CT scan machines to hospitals across the province. Instead of indulging in negative politics, he said, the Punjab government had taken practical steps for public welfare. “We are serving people by treating politics as a sacred mission,” he said. He said “our opponents cannot point out corruption of even a single penny in our development projects”.


Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that people should be effectively sensitised about the treatment of diabetes because human body faces different complications due to delayed diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

In a message issued on the World Diabetes Day, the chief minister said that adoption of precautionary measures were better than treatment and added that use of balanced diet, exercise and regular walk were helpful in disease prevention. He said that giving awareness to patients and the public was essential to save them from complications arising from the disease. He said the government had taken steps so that people could remain protected and the disease could be controlled. He said the government was utilising all resources to save people from this disease. He observed that it was equally important to continue the awareness campaign on a sustained basis to save people from this disease.


Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif strongly condemned a terrorist attack on Pakistani checkpost near Pak-Afghan border in Bajaur Agency.

He expressed a deep sense of sorrow and grief over the martyrdom of Captain Junaid Hafeez and soldier Rahim and paid rich tributes to their bravery. He also extended heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved families and prayed for early recovery of the injured. The chief minister said that martyrs had sacrificed their precious lives for the motherland and added that they were heroes of the nation.


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