JI rejects merger in phases

PESHAWAR –  Jamaat-e-Islami will not accept the proposed phased plan for merging the tribal areas into Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, but will push the government for early implementation of Fata reforms, said Sardar Khan, the JI Fata chief.

He was speaking at a meeting also attended by JI members from across the tribal belt. He said that majority of the dwellers of the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have welcomed the Fata reforms including merging the tribal belt into KP. However, the federal government has resorted to delaying implementation of the proposed reforms, he said.

The government intends to merge tribal areas with KP in phases, which would approximately take five years, while on the other side, the tribal people, political parties and other stake holders want integration of Fata with the province before the forthcoming general elections in the country, he said.

The five years plan, the participants of the meeting said, was just a plot to delay the reforms process. If the reforms are implemented straightaway, the tribal people would also be able to elect their representatives for the KP Assembly as well, they argued. The JI will not accept the phased plan, they said.

For a bright future of the tribal people, it is the right time to take people-friendly decision including repealing the FCR, commonly referred to as a draconian law, and replacing the same with law of the country, they said, adding that there was no other option except merging Fata into KP.

Moreover, they said that they had reservations over the census, in which, tribal people’s population has been reflected less than the actual, adding that if apprehensions of Sindh about census are being removed, why the same practice is not utilised for Fata. They questioned. 

The JI Fata stressed the federal government to review the census results regarding Fata population. They also called upon the government to unblock the blocked CNICs of tribal people, due to, they said, the tribesmen were facing difficulties in travelling or admissions of kids into schools and other important matters.

They said that the government should announce financial and development packages for the tribal people who not only had to migrate from their native areas but also suffered financially in the war on terror.


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