A session with Bushra Ansari

A sitting with star Bushra Ansari was one of the most well-attended and interesting sessions at the Faiz Festival Saturday. Moderated by Sarmad Khoosat the chit-chat went informal in the jam-packed hall of Alhamra.

What she shared is as follow;

I started my career as a child performer in the 1960s. My first dramatic role was in Iqbal Ansari’s Production. At that time, I also appeared in PTV shows including ‘Angan Terha’, ‘Show Time’, ‘Show Sha’ and ‘Rang Tarang’.  The first time, I played a serious role was with my husband in a serial ‘Rishtay aur Raastay’ in 1978.

From start, I had interest in singing but was afraid of my father. At 10, I started singing on radio for children’s programme. I was introduced as a writer in drama ‘Neeli Dhoop’ in 1994.

Behind my all success, I would like to thank my hubby Iqbal Ansari and in-laws as without their support, I stand nowhere.

I belong to the middle class. I have contributed a lot to revival of the Pakistani cinema.

I always wanted to something different in life and keeping all these in mind I Wrote a drama titled Pakeeza which received great response from the audience.

My work with Anwar Maqsood in the 80s, include a fair amount of comic acting as well as singing, as in the form of parodies. I have always enjoyed working with Anwar Maqsood simply because of his scripts.

For some time, I refrained myself from comic roles. I didn’t want to be labelled as a comedian. I wanted to play serious roles. Every now and then, though, I have worked with Anwar Maqsood.

The best thing about Anwar Maqsood is he always comes up with something new and different.

I did a few episodes of ‘Loose Talk’ with Moin Akhtar. After Moin’s death, I continued with ‘Loose Talk’ .

I am working on two scripts right now and I always sign those which have strong storyline.

There are very few genuine script writers left. We should understand this thing every drama serial can’t be a masterpiece. We are training our youth according to their mindset.

Social media

In the past people didn’t use to criticise each other. Today the social media has become so much dangerous that people always point fingers at others on social media.  Asked about inspiration, she said that I have always been honest to my work and if you aren’t, you can’t be successful in life.



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