Black law of dictatorial regime defeated, says Marriyum

ISLAMABAD – Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to the media outside the Parliament House after the rejection of the Amendment Bill to the Electoral Reforms Act 2017 by the National Assembly here on Tuesday said that the black law of the dictatorial regime had been defeated and it had been established that only those would head the political parties who would be nominated by the people and the respective political parties.

She said that those who were counting the heads had been defeated and the wandering spirit of the dictatorial era had been put to rest.

The Minister said that democracy was gaining strength and there was no room for black laws in a democratic dispensation.

Marriyum said that the entire nation deserved congratulations as the law that had been rejected by the Parliament had established the fact that from now onward only the will of the 220 million people of Pakistan would prevail.

She said that the PPP wanted to restore the clauses of the 1973 Constitution which had been removed by Bhutto and by doing so it had hurt his spirit.

The Minister said that under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the PML-N had been further strengthened.

She said that the elements conspiring against him had been defeated and those who talked of forward block in the party had been shown the mirror.  Marriyum said that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had served the country during all his stints in power and the PML-N under him was a guarantor of the development of the country.

She reiterated that whether it was a fight against terrorism or the question of strengthening the Parliament, Nawaz Sharif was a strong voice for both the causes.

She said that Nawaz Sharif only wanted development in the country and his opponent must have realized now that democracy was gaining strength in the country.

Referring to Imran Khan, she said that instead of upholding the Parliamentary traditions he was used to relying on the finger of the umpire, adding, that at first he was afraid of Nawaz Sharif and now he felt afraid of the PML-N. Responding to a question, the Minister said that Imran attacked the Parliament, ridiculed the State institutions and avoided to appear before the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Earlier talking to the media men before the Asembly session, she said that the PML-N was united as ever under the undisputed leadership of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and those churning out rumours about possible defections from the PML-N should look at the attendance in the Parliamentary party meeting.

She said that all the members acknowledged the unforgettable services of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for the country and expressed their gratitude to him on that account.

Marriyum observed that reverse counting had started for those who were spreading rumours of a split in the PML-N.

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