Black Friday is not ‘Haram’

Many people are getting mad over this Black Friday thing. In coming days you might be seeing more slagging over this issue. Some people are trying to re-name it as White Friday as they think it is another attack on Islam. So what actually is Black Friday?

It is the day after the US holiday of Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which retailers make many special offers, for example, if any item is of $100 it is sold for $60 on Black Friday. The basic reason behind is that every single rich and poor can celebrate Christmas with least financial worry. The businessmen set their profit margin very low but items are sold in abundant that their all losses get covered. Many western, including Asians and Africans including Muslims buy whatever the stuff for the whole year.

Now lets come to those Muslim brothers who are offended by Black Friday. Whether its called Red or Black who are we to interfere. Its not shameful that they are giving relief to people by calling it Black Friday. What is more shameful than shop owners looting the public in the name of sacred days. What we have done to the month of Ramzan. The prices of frequently used items are raised up tenfold. And on Eids, clothes are sold for best high prices. The animals for sacrifice on Eidul Azha are sold ten times more than their original price during general days. Rice or Haleem in Muharram is sold for the highest possible price. The Naat Khawans booked for Rabiul Awal demand unimaginable fee to demonstrate their ‘Ashqi’. Many people in Pakistan cannot perform Hajj because they don’t have that much money while in India, the government provides special subsidies and packages for Hajj.

We are looting our fellows ruthlessly in the name of holy days. We have made our religious festivals a long lost dream for the poor while we issue fatwas on Black Friday. God may not question that why you said Black Friday but will definitely ask why you have made out of holy days by looting for poor people. Moreover our Islam is a universal religion. It is not affected by black, red or white. Grow up!

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