Pakistan to overcome energy challenges: PM

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Thursday said that Pakistan was on the course to diversifying its energy mix to overcome energy challenges.

Addressing the Annual Technical Conference on Oil and Gas in here, he said that Pakistan recorded a growth rate of 5.3 per cent last year.

He said that higher growth rate has increased energy needs of the country for which the government is trying to overcome this challenge.

Abbasi said: “We have added domestic coal of Thar, gas, and renewable energy to our energy mix.”

The Prime Minister said Pakistan was looking at double digit growth in consumption of petrol and diesel.

He said Pakistan was importing Liquefied Natural Gas and by December this year, the figure of LNG import will rise to nine million tons per year, which is likely to surge to 20 million tons per year in next three years.

The premier said Pakistan was a growing energy market and exploration and production companies can take advantage of this opportunity.

He said the security situation in the country has also improved and exploration and production companies can exploit this environment by contributing in exploration and production efforts.

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