Amends in constitution of NBP Employees Union welcomed

PR LAHORE – In accordance with the decisions taken in the Executive Council meeting held on 5th August, 2017 and meeting of the General Council held on 16th September, 2017, National General Body Session of National Bank of Pakistan Employees Union, Punjab Islamabad was held at Bukhtiar Labour Hall, Lahore Saturday to make required amendments in the constitution of the Union subject to court decision and to hold urgent and unavoidable election of new office-bearers of the Union and acceptance, confirmation and effective implementation of charter of demands 2018-19.

The session was presided over by Muhammad Fayyaz, President of the Union, and was addressed by senior trade union leader K Mukhtar, Khurshid Ahmad, general secretary All Pakistan Workers Confederation, who paid tribute to the services rendered by Ghulam Miran Kashmiri for strengthening democratic trade union movement and pledged to continue to promote and strengthen the same.

The session was also addressed by Robina Jameel, Yousaf Baloch, Ch Anwar Gujjar, Niaz Ahmad Khan, Khushi Muhammad Khokhar, representatives of the Confederation as well as Syed Jahagir, Secretary General, National Bank of Pakistan Trade Union Federation, and other representatives of the Federation including Zia-ud-Din Gujjar (Peshawar), Anwar Jarral (Azad Kashmir), Noor Shah (Karachi), Mirza Khurshid Baig (head office), Faheem Khan (Karachi), Zaheer Abid Rizvi (Rawalpindi Islamabad) Nasir Jalib (leader of Officers Association) who urged for redressal of the genuine grievances of the workers and paid congratulations to the newly elected office bearers of the Union.

Addressing at this occasion, Akbar Ali Khan, general secretary of the Union, offered thanks to the members of the Executive Council and General Council of the Union for making proposed amendments in the constitution of the Union and holding of elections of the Union and acceptance of charter of demands 2018-19 and other activities of the Union. He also thanked the management for regulation of contract workers of various categories, regulation of 70% pension, payment of annual budget increases, and implementation of the court decisions. He urged the government to check price hike of essential commodities and raise wages of the workers commensurate with price hike.

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