Naomi inspired by Puff Daddy

LONDON-Naomi Campbell finds Puff Daddy ‘’inspiring’’. The 47-year-old supermodel and the ‘I’ll be Missing You’ hitmaker star as the royal beheaders in this year’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’-inspired Pirelli calendar and they had a great time working together on the shoot, even though it was full of ‘’craziness’’.

Naomi said: ‘’He coached me. He was behind me saying, ‘Get into character, sis.’‘’Sean is so inspiring. I love him, he’s like a brother to me.‘’We actually share the same acting coach so he knows the method of how to get into character.

‘’We had a lot of fun on set, we were all singing at one point a table caught fire – it was craziness but we just kept going.’’The iconic calendar – which was styled by new Vogue editor Edward Enninful and shot by Tim Walker – this year featured an all-black cast and Naomi thinks it is a sybol of the way the fashion industry is finally embracing diversity.She said: ‘’The message of this calendar is so big and the timing could not be more perfect.‘’It is an amazing time. It is a new time.

‘’I hope it stays this way and isn’t a trend.‘’Out of my 31 years as a model, this has been the most phenomenal moment for diversity [in fashion].’’

And the British beauty loves the fact every Pirelli calendar she’s worked on has been so different, but gave off a timely message.She told Grazia magazine: ‘’I’ve done it for four decades – one in my teens, twenties, thirties and forties.

‘’They’ve all been so different, they’ve all had a different message.‘’I think Pirelli is very good at knowing what’s going on in the world and aligning themselves with that message.’’


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