Addiction of drugs in young generation

In legal time terms, parenthood gives two individual duties, responsibility towards and authority over the children. However, these days it seems parents are only ATM machine to their children and parents are only be here to fulfill the needs of their children. Both children and parents donot have enough time to listen and understand each other. Problems and issues like this situation lead to bigger problems for our youth that they are addicted to drugs. The usage of drugs addiction is increasing rapidly in Karachi. Around 100 million people in Pakistan smoke, but around 2 million youth and children are drug addicts in Karachi.More than 2500 street children are involved in objectionable activities. Street children are drug users as well as supplier. Police leave them immediately after arrest. Bus stands are the main point where drugs can be accessed. Concerned authorities should be concerned over such issues and prevent the ignorant especially the young from falling into this habit. They should also try to find out the networks of dealers and break them and this could only be happen when our government smartly set a trap. 


Karachi, November 18. 


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