Civic sense – A missing thing

As far as humans are concern, only a few hop in to obey rules their fellow humans have set forth. Instead of complaining and unfollowing what’s meant to be followed, they try their best to protect in the peace and give around their best by acting upon it. They authenticate the presence of what we call civic sense because obviously they sense to perform things an individual is supposed to whether it is following a queue, or if its a proper car parking, any place to obey silence like prohibiting of any noise near or inside hospitals, any place to behave disciplined or any other thing which convinces us to be educated enough to be carrying out things wisely.

Civic sense, to humans, is a lifestyle which when followed accordingly creates the best version of the humans. The sense makes them aware of what humans should actually behave irrespective of how they want to behave in any particular circumstance. They have to agree on what is ethically correct in any situation and have their actions implemented accordingly. They are protocols to be followed in any background. They insist any individual to be a harmless, ethically strong, verbally efficient and gesturally impactful person while promoting and portraying all his true self. To sense things going wrong and rectify them deliberately evidently is, to me, the enthusiastic implementation of your true patriotic self.

Its not only awakening up all your senses but to have a sympathetic relationship with your fellow countrymen too. The sense to have their better. A sense to never let them bothered by any of your actions. A sense to make them live without any interference. Honking irregularly on the streets is definitely the best example for getting your fellow citizens disturbed. The process not only bothers the individuals on the road but the residents living along side too. The spits on the roads are the obvious alarming gestures that we still are unaware of what health issues can do with us. So we suffer mentally and hygienically both. Nevertheless, we stand on the same page doing the same thing.

Unawareness is root cause serving us with ethically dead gestures. We perform nil in this very discipline of life because everyone hates the person being ethically ill but never tries to improve them. The justification to it is that, they (the uneducated ones) are not willing to learn or cannot learn. Which, however, seems to be the unjustified answer to it. Because if we actually sense a problem, we really need to rectify it whatsoever. So, we need to look after educating them and promoting what ethically sounds healthy.

Sensing out things includes sensing out what to speak and how to speak. To some people its unknown that civic sense includes your body-language, your gestures, your words too. Its the amalgamation of your actions, gestures, the words you speak. Sensing out how to portray without offending is also a blessing because words and gestures are taken derogatory really often in the atmosphere we live. So sensing out the way to speak things out should also be learnt.

This can be carried out particularly through academia. Your academics play a vital role in building you up as a human. Making it a part of your everyday learning will definitely inculcate the best to make every child look more into what civic sense calls for and they will gradually learn what they have to contribute for their nation. Keeping it simple and precise, educating them through a course which explains what civic sense actually is will help us get towards the best.

Concluding it with some benefitting remedies we shall be keeping the environment and atmosphere clean while avoiding urination on the streets which will certainly create a difference. Promoting plantation on the other hand, will surely make the difference go huge. We need volunteers from the government to contribute deliberately in the perspective to make things go fine. Policy makers shall be making policies to avoid any unethical conduct. And proper check and balance should be maintained by the implementing bodies. If caught, actions should be taken or they should be charged with penalties on the spot.

The writer is Islamabad based social worker and can be reached at

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