Miley not a fan of her own songs

LOS ANGELES-Miley Cyrus ‘doesn’t like’ her own pop music. The ‘Malibu’ singer isn’t a fan of her own more commercial songs and finds it hard to relate to popular tracks that get a lot of radio play.

Miley made her revelation while critiquing her team member Brooke Simpson on ‘The Voice’, after the hopeful performed Pink’s ‘What About Us’ and the 25-year-old former Disney star praised her act for being able to add her own twist on the song.

She said: ‘’We always look forward to – I really, really look forward to because I get to imagine it and create it with you but – your performances.

‘’I think people will look forward to keeping you on the show, so everyone has to vote for Brooke obviously to see that happen. But what you all can really look forward to is Brooke’s record when she makes one.

sitting here and I don’t even like pop music half the time, I don’t even like my own pop music most of the time – but you take a song that’s on the radio that I can’t always relate to and, like Adam [Levine] said, make it about you.’’

And the ‘Party in the USA’ hitmaker was particularly ‘’proud’’ of Brooke because she understood it can be very hard to give a fresh take on a popular mainstream song.

She continued: ‘’In the beginning I always kind of fought back about doing mainstream ‘cause actually Adam taught me sometimes when something’s on the radio, people know it so well, it’s hard to make it your own.

‘’But you did it perfectly this week and I’m just so, so proud of you.’’

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